Cranes are large, long-legged, long-necked wading birds. They are in the order
Gruiformes and family Gruidae. This family contains the following subfamilies, genera and species:

Genus Balearica
Black Crowned Crane, Balearica pavonina
Grey Crowned Crane, Balearica regulorum

SUBFAMILY GRUINAE - typical cranes
Genus Grus
Common Crane, Grus grus, also known as the Eurasian Crane
Sandhill Crane, Grus canadensis
Whooping Crane, Grus americana
Sarus Crane, Grus antigone
Brolga, Grus rubicunda
Siberian Crane, Grus leucogeranus
White-naped Crane, Grus vipio
Hooded Crane, Grus monacha
Black-necked Crane, Grus nigricollis
Red-crowned Crane, Grus japonensis,
also known as the
Manchurian Crane and Japanese Crane
Genus Anthropoides
Blue Crane, Anthropoides paradisea
Demoiselle Crane, Anthropoides virgo
Genus Bugeranus
Wattled Crane, Bugeranus carunculatus

Photos of the presented cranes are highlighted in red.