New Zealand parrot family (Strigopidae) consists of two genera of parrots Nestor and Strigops. The genus Nestor consists of the Kea, Kaka, Norfolk Island Kaka and Chatham Island Kaka while the genus Strigops contains the iconic Kakapo. All extant species are endemic to New Zealand while two extinct species were found at the nearby oceanic islands like Chatham Island of New Zealand, and Norfolk Island and Phillip Island of Australia. The modern common species names, Kea, Kaka, and Kakapo are the same as the original Maori names.
The Norfolk Kaka and the Chatham Kaka have become extinct in recent times, and the Kākāpō, Kea, and the two subspecies of the Kākā, are all threatened.
The family diverged from the other parrots around 82 million years ago when New Zealand broke off from Gondwana, while the ancestors of the genera Nestor and Strigops diverged from each other between 60 and 80 million years ago. Wikipedia.