Laniarius is a genus of brightly colored, carnivorous passerine birds commonly known as boubous or gonoleks or bush-shrikes. In general the all black or black and white species are called boubous, the black and red birds are gonoleks, and the black, white and chestnut species are called bush-shrikes.

Red-naped bushshrike, Laniarius ruficeps
Lühder's bushshrike, Laniarius luehderi
Gabela bushshrike or Amboim bushshrike, Laniarius amboimensis
Braun's bushshrike, Laniarius brauni
Turati's boubou, Laniarius turatii
Tropical boubou, Laniarius aethiopicusparaphyletic
Ethiopian boubou, Laniarius (aethiopicus) aethiopicus
Tropical boubou,
Laniarius (aethiopicus) major
East Coast boubou,
Laniarius (aethiopicus) sublacteus
Somali boubou, Laniarius erlangeri – includes the "Bulo Burti boubou" ("L. liberatus")
Swamp boubou, Laniarius bicolor
Southern boubou, Laniarius ferrugineus
Yellow-crowned gonolek, Laniarius barbarus
Black-headed gonolek, Laniarius erythrogaster
Crimson-breasted shrike, Laniarius atrococcineus
Papyrus gonolek, Laniarius mufumbiri
Yellow-breasted boubou, Laniarius atroflavus
Slate-colored boubou, Laniarius funebris
Lowland sooty boubou, Laniarius leucorhynchus
Willard’s sooty boubou, Laniarius willardi Voelker & Gnoske, 2010
Mountain sooty boubou, Laniarius poensis
Fuelleborn's boubou, Laniarius fuelleborni