The genus
Cardinalis in the family Cardinalidae. The three species includes Northern Cardinals and Pyrrhuloxias and hybrids between the two.

Northern Cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis
Pyrrhuloxia, Cardinalis sinuatus
Vermilion Cardinal, Cardinalis phoeniceus

The large family of Cardinalidae includes buntings, ant-tanagers, chats, and grosbeaks.

Another striking group of cardinals include the genus Paroaria consisting of red-headed Cardinals or cardinal-tanagers, They are in the family of Thraupidae or tanagers and consist of the following species:

Red-crested Cardinal, Paroaria coronata
Red-cowled Cardinal, Paroaria dominicana
Red-capped Cardinal, Paroaria gularis
Masked Cardinal, Paroaria (gularis) nigrogenis
Crimson-fronted Cardinal, Paroaria baeri
Yellow-billed Cardinal, Paroaria capitata