The four genera of Curassows are listed below. Curassows are in the family of Cracidae which also includes chachalaca and guans.

Genus Nothocrax
Nocturnal Curassow, Nothocrax urumutum
Genus Mitu
Crestless Curassow, Mitu tomentosa
Alagoas Curassow, Mitu mitu - extinct in the wild (mid-late 1980s)
Salvin's Curassow, Mitu salvini
Razor-billed Curassow, Mitu tuberosa
Genus Pauxi – Helmeted curassows
Northern Helmeted Curassow or simply Helmeted Curassow, Pauxi pauxi
Southern Helmeted Curassow or Horned Curassow, Pauxi unicornis
Genus Craxtropical South America
Great Curassow, Crax rubra
Blue-billed Curassow, Crax alberti
Yellow-knobbed Curassow, Crax daubentoni
Wattled Curassow, Crax globulosa
Red-billed Curassow Crax blumenbachii
Bare-faced Curassow, Crax fasciolata
Black Curassow, Crax alector