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There are few places that are better known as great birding sites as the ASA Wright Nature Center in Trinidad. Birding trips to this lodge and Trinidad/Tobago are handled by Caligo Ventures out of Portal, Arizona. ASA Wright has been on my birding bucket list for years and in January, 2016 we finally went. Davey Frost, the bird photographer we first met in Costa Rica, and who accompanied us to Magee Marsh (see /Ohio) also accompanied us on the Trinidad/Tobago trip. His photography equipment is very impressive – A Canon EOS 1DX ($3,000+) and a Sigma 150-600 mm telephoto. As impressed as I am with my own equipment – Sony Alpha 99 full frame 24 mp with a Sony 70-400 mm lens and digital 800 mm, having seen Davey in action – his is better. BUT very heavy - much heavier than my aging frame can handle. There were some birds that he got and I missed so I have used them with a note ‘SF’ on the file and Davey Frost in the labels. There were a smaller number that only I got, and he has those.
In addition to spending time at the many feeders off the ASA Wright veranda (see ASA Wright photos), Caligo set us up with a number of side trips for us with superb bird guides. These were:
Hike to Dunston Oilbird Cave
Caroni Swamp National Park – Spectacular flight of Scarlet Ibis at Sunset and More
Northern Range / Blanchisseuse Road
Aripo Agricultural Station
Focus on Trinidad Piping Guan
Others can be found on the Caligo Ventures website.
Each trip produced its own unique set of birds as shown in this website.

After Trinidad we stayed two days each at the Cuffie River Nature Retreat and the Blue Waters Inn in Tobago.

Purple Honeycreeper male-192Ruby Topaz male-192
Rufous-vented Chachalaca-192Violaceous Euphonia-192
White-necked Jacobin male-192Scarlet Ibises-192