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Every year Sally and I spend a month on Maui at Honokeana Cove near Napili Point. The same people come each year so it is our Maui family. As shown in the photo, the view is terrific and the weather is even better. We play golf about three times a week. With a little creative web searching we find tee times at The Dunes and Pukalani for $27 to $70 compared to the non-resident fees of $180 to $350 for most of the other courses.

This provided an opportunity to photograph a new group of birds many of which are not seen on the mainland. In addition to the usual places for bird photography such as the shoreline and National Parks, we have found that some of the best places are on golf courses. I store my camera in the golf cart and while waiting to tee off snap the birds that are joining the golfers on a beautiful sunny day.

Some of the most striking and beautiful birds on Maui are found in the high mountain forests of Hosmer Grove just inside the gate of the Haleakala National Park two-thirds of the way up the volcano. For these see the ‘I’iwa, Apapane, Maui Creeper and Maui Amakihi pages.

In 2013 we went to the Big Island instead of Maui. We hired Jack Jeffreys as a guide and this allowed us to go to the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge. The biggest "catch" there were photos of the rare Akiapola'au.

After 5 years of photographing birds on Hawaii, with the help of some fellow photographers, I finally had enough photos of the different beautiful
Hawaiian Honeycreepers to have a Slideshow of just them.

Of course a trip to Maui during the whale season would not be complete without pictures of breaching Humpback Whales. A healthy dose of those is included.

Two excellent references on Hawaiian Birds are A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Hawai’i by Jim Denny, University of Hawai’i Press, 2008 and Hawaii’s Birds by the Hawaiian Audubon Society, 6 th Edition, 2005.

Birds are not the only beautiful species in Hawaii. Snorkeling is very popular because of the many beautiful reef fish. A slideshow of
Hawaiian Fish is included.