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Rollers are named for their rolling flight behavior during courtship or territorial fights. They belong to the family Coraciidae consisting of two genera and 12 species listed below. The two rollers photographed at Discovery Cove are highlighted in red.

Genus: Coracias
European Roller Coracias garrulus
Abyssinian Roller Coracias abyssinica
Lilac-breasted Roller Coracias caudatus
Racquet-tailed Roller Coracias spatulata
Rufous-crowned Roller Coracias naevia
Indian Roller Coracias benghalensis
Temminck's Roller Coracias temminckii
Blue-bellied Roller Coracias cyanogaster

Genus: Eurystomus
Broad-billed Roller Eurystomus glaucurus
Blue-throated Roller Eurystomus gularis
Azure Roller Eurystomus azureus
Dollarbird Eurystomus orientalis