1 Explorer at Ushiaia 9958.jpg 2 Explorer at Ushiaia 9960.jpg 2a Explorer at Ushiai 9967.jpg 3 Explorer at North Island 00714.jpg 4 Sally and David Falklands.jpg 5 Explorer in Right Whale Bay 4414.jpg 6 Explorer at Salisbury Plain 4628.jpg 7 Explorer at Stromness 0584.jpg 7a Explorer in Stromness 5324.jpg 8 Explorer at Grytviken 5681.jpg 9 Explorer at Cooper Bay 6176.jpg 9a Blue whale from the bridge 7238.jpg 10 Explorer at South Orkney 0629.jpg 10a Explorer at Duse Bay 2570.jpg 11 Explorer at Elephant Island 7346.jpg 12 Explorer at Devil Island 7579.jpg 13 Explorer at Half_Moon Bay 7896.jpg 13 Explorer at Port Lockaby 7999.jpg 13a Explorer at Port Lockaby 8063.jpg 15 Explorer at Neko Bay.jpg 15a Explorer at Neko Harbor 2699.jpg Captain on the bridge 2546.jpg David and Sally fast ice 2568.jpg David ready to go 2393.jpg Frei Research Station Chile 2672.jpg LIndblad Nat Geographic Flag 8132.jpg Nat Geographic hikers at Stromness 5537.jpg On the Bridge 2486.jpg Sally and David Falklands.jpg Sally and hat 2329.jpg Sally at our balcony 5369.jpg Sally in the Snow 2745.jpg Snow on our patio 2390.jpg Visitor 2 in Lemaire Channel 2754.jpg Visitor in Lemaire Channel 2748.jpg Zodiac photographers 3845.jpg