The first stop was Huahine, known for archeological ruins at Maeva, ells at Faie, and Pearl Farms. A bottle of champagne was waiting for us as we entered our stateroom on the Marina.

Marina Champaigne awaiting us in stateroom 40118
Champagne in our stateroom

Huahine map
Map of Huahine

We rented a car for $85 rather than pay for the much more expensive tours form the boat. First stop was the archeological ruins.

Huahine Archeological remains  0022
Some of the Archeological ruins at Maeve

A small blocked off creek held dozens of
Sacred eels that are adapted to fresh water. The eels are dark, have blue eyes and are from 3 to 6 feet long. For decades tourists have been hand-feeding these eels and they are so adapted to human contact that they don’t mind if you get in and touch their bodies. As long as they get fed, they don’t mind. They even stick their heads out of the water to get some fresh fish food.

Huahine Eels 40131
Huahine Sacred Eels

One the road down the mountain we had a great view of the Marina, our cruise boat.Oceana Marina at Huahine 0025