Moorea we stayed at the thatch roof Bali Hai Timeshare resort of the famous Bali Hi boys.
They came from Newport Beach as teenagers and set up the first “over the water” thatched
roof resort on Moorea. It is now the Pearl Resort. A second resort consisting of timeshares,
the Bali Hai resort, is were we stayed. The resort is on the beautiful Cook’s Bay.

Map of Moorea

Moorea Ferry to 1046
Ferry from Tahiti to Moorea.
Moorea from Ferry 1049
View of Moorea from Ferry

Moorea David at Bali Hi  0005
David at Bali Hai

Moorea Cook's Bay 1459
Cook’s Bay from Le Belvedere Lookout

Moorea Cook's Bay 1022
Moorea from the porch

Cook's Bay from porch
Moorea from the porch

Moorea Intercontental Hotel 0853
Intercontinental Hotel and site of snorkeling

Pearl Resort Old Bali Hi 30893
Pearl Resort (was Bali Hai Resort)