Day 1. Seabirds.

In the morning we went to Los Pantanos de Villa, south of Lima and on the coast.
Los Pantanos de Villa 1200

We went to site 4 on the map.
David at Lima Marsh 0050
At this site, on the beach, we saw the following birds:Peruvian Booby, Guanay Cormorant, Belcher’s Gull, Grey Headed Gull, Grey Gull, Kelp Gull, Long-tailed Mockingbird, Peruvian Pelican, Spotted Sandpiper, Stilt Sandpiper, Peruvian Thick-knee, American and Black Osytercatchers, Ruddy Turnstone, Many-colored Rush Tyrant, Yellow-hooded Blackbird, Great Grebe, Common Moorhen, Black-crowned Night Heron, and Pied Grebe.

In the afternoon we went to Pucusana, a delightful fishing village.

Pucusana Fishing village 0057

Pususana Fishing village 4076

There were many fishing boats.
Pucusana fishing boats 0068

We climbed into one with a long two-cycle engine.

Pucusana boat engine 0062

It took us on a very rocky ride around a small island next to the coast that was loaded with seabirds. I got great photos of the Inca Terns, Guanay and Red-Footed Comorant, Peruvian Pelican and Peruvian Booby, and Ruddy Turnstone.

A striking feature of much of the land around Lima was the presence of thousands of squatters houses.

Squatters Houses Lima 0052

Squatters Houses 0089

Since it is legal for them to squat on "unused" land one of the ways people protect their land from them is to plant trees.
Planted hill to prevent squatters 0087

One of the modes of transportation was by Mototu Taxi.

Mototu Taxi 0082