Euplectes is a genus of passerine bird in the weaver family, Ploceidae. It contains the bishops and widowbirds. They are all native to Africa south of the Sahara. It is believed that all birds in the genus are probably polygynous.

A corruption of Whydaw bird. So called from the country of Whydaw, in Western Africa. The blunder is perpetuated in the scientific name given to the genus, which is the Latin
Vidua, a widow.

Yellow-crowned bishop, Euplectes afer
Fire-fronted bishop, Euplectes diadematus
Black bishop, Euplectes gierowii
Black-winged red bishop, Euplectes hordeaceus
Northern red bishop or orange bishop, Euplectes franciscanus
Southern red bishop or red bishop, Euplectes orix
Zanzibar red bishop, Euplectes nigroventris
Golden-backed bishop, Euplectes aureus
Yellow bishop, Euplectes capensis
Fan-tailed widowbird, Euplectes axillaris
Yellow-mantled widowbird, Euplectes macroura
White-winged widowbird, Euplectes albonotatus
Red-collared widowbird, Euplectes ardens
Marsh widowbird, Euplectes hartlaubi
Montane widowbird, Euplectes psammacromius
Long-tailed widowbird, Euplectes progne
Jackson's widowbird, Euplectes jacksoni