Shrikes are passerine birds of the family Laniidae. The family is composed of thirty-one species in three genera. The family name, and that of the largest genus, Lanius, is derived from the Latin word for "butcher", and some shrikes were also known as "butcher birds" because of their feeding habits. Note that the Australasian butcherbirds are not shrikes. The three genera and species of shrike are as follows:

Genus: Lanius
Tiger Shrike, Lanius tigrinus
Bull-headed Shrike, Lanius bucephalus
Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio
Isabelline Shrike Lanius isabellinus
Brown Shrike, Lanius cristatus
Burmese Shrike, Lanius collurioides
Emin's Shrike, Lanius gubernator
Souza's Shrike, Lanius souzae
Bay-backed Shrike, Lanius vittatus
Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach
Grey-backed Shrike Lanius tephronotus
Mountain Shrike or Grey-capped Shrike, Lanius validirostris
Lesser Grey Shrike Lanius minor
Loggerhead Shrike, Lanius ludovicianus
Great Grey Shrike or Northern Shrike Lanius excubitor
Southern Grey Shrike Lanius meridionalis
Chinese Grey Shrike, Lanius sphenocercus
Grey-backed Fiscal, Lanius excubitoroides
Long-tailed Fiscal, Lanius cabanisi
Taita Fiscal, Lanius dorsalis
Somali Fiscal, Lanius somalicus
Mackinnon's Shrike, Lanius mackinnoni
Common Fiscal, Lanius collaris
Newton's Fiscal, Lanius newtoni
Uhehe Shrike, Lanius marwitzi
Woodchat Shrike, Lanius senator
Masked Shrike, Lanius nubicus
Steppe Grey Shrike, Lanius pallidirostris
Genus: Corvinella
Yellow-billed Shrike, Corvinella corvina
Magpie Shrike, Corvinella melanoleuca
Genus: Eurocephalus
White-rumped Shrike, Eurocephalus rueppelli
Southern White-crowned Shrike, Eurocephalus anguitimens
Northern White-crowned Shrike, Eurocephalus ruepelli
Genus: Urolestes
Magpie Shrike Urolestes melanoleucus